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I promise you that we do more than eat here on the blog. But with that being said we do love a freshly baked goodie once in awhile, and after so many local recommendations there is no surprise where we went searching. Helen’s Bakery is a refreshing change from the overly sugary, chemically tasting perfect cupcakes that fill bakeries across Saudi Arabia. It has to be said finding the perfect balance between cake and cream is an art and a little too much in either direction will have you chewing a cardboard tasting cake or a creamy mess.

Helen’s Bakery has been going strong for over a decade and for good reason. She (Helen is a real person) has stuck to the basics of home baked sweets and has chosen to serve up the  classic favourites such as pie, cookies , cupcakes and cake. Having a total of 4 shops here in Saudi Arabia, 3 in Jeddah and 1 in Riyadh they all seem to be a favourite amongst the locals with line ups spanning out the door.
After braving the crowds, I got to ordering just about one of everything and so glad I did. Everything seemed to get better and better. We are huge fans of the cookies that were moist in the inside with a little crunch on the outside. Another favourite was the date loaf, it was absolutely delicious.
I must say we didn’t have any of the cakes so I cannot comment, but that’s what next time is for.
Have you been to Helen’s Bakery? If so, let me know what your favourites are.

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