Posted on January 7, 2015


This place came up as a complete fluke, and I’m so happy that it did. Literally, in the car running errands and feeling hungry we took to FOURSQUARE to find the closest place to eat. Turns out that COUNTRYSIDE was the closest eatery that we could agree on so we took to it. Never having heard of it before I was leaving it to the FOURSQUARE tips to lead me to my fate ( a bit dramatic). More like to our lunch. Anyhow, first impressions alone, you should know that the way to my heart is a cowskin rug. They have the whole rustic southern decor going on with red leather seating, dim lighting, beautiful rugs and dark wood floors.
Lets get to the food and being lunch time we were greeted by our very happy waiter that let us know of their lunch offer. It is a really good deal considering the amount of food you get. 1 lunch deal can easily feed two people. They offer everything from chicken to burgers and of course steak and ribs. Their selection of meat dishes is very impressive. Opting for 1 lunch deal and two sides we were very happy with the service and food.
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