Posted on January 1, 2015



Serving up yet another burger joint here in Jeddah,THE COUNTER. It is one of the more popular places in town and can be found nestled between other eateries alongside Star Avenue Mall. THE COUNTER has gotten its big rep from their creative way of offering gourmet orders. Using a checklist format the customer can browse everything offered and check exactly what they want their burger to be. You start right from the top choosing your
option of burger size (lbs.), served on your choice of bun or salad. Then comes the long list of topping options everything from grilled veggies to quinoa.

 After a very pleasant meal, I must say that this place is a great place to dine if you have a bunch of picky eaters. However I advise you to stick to the beef options; chicken breast was overcooked and dry. As for getting crazy creative… this may backfire as some of the toppings may sound delicious alone but when combined is a completely different thing.

If anything make sure you leave room for dessert. It would be a shame to skip the ice-cream sandwich!

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