Posted on November 8, 2014



Getting good Chinese food here in Saudi Arabia is not promising and usually a let down. After trying half a dozen mediocre places to get anything close to decent Chinese take-out, I think I may have hit the mother load. This place is extremely popular amongst locals and expats alike
and the line-up out the door is an everyday occurrence, after giving it a try I can see why.

The restaurant has 3 locations here in Jeddah, two of which cater to families and singles but this isn’t a place you want to sit and dine. The locations are very small and more times then none the wait times for a seat are hours long. You will quickly see that this place has opted to excel in take-out and delivery leaving the dine-in service to waste side. The menu is pretty extensive and the delivery service is one of the best I’ve tried in Saudi Arabia, with decent delivery times and reasonable minimum charge for delivery.
What I like about the food is that the portions were very generous making the dishes easily shareable for two (including the soup) and that each thing order tasted fresh and authentic. Nothing was watered down, or overly oily/sweet which tends to be the case here in Saudi Arabia.
I’ve attached the menu to the post and hope you find it as pleasurable as we did!














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