Posted on January 5, 2015


A sweet name for a sweeter place. CHARLOTTE is another one of Jeddah’s hotspot dessert shops. Growing in both business and popularity this place has become infamous for their decadent cheesecakes, rich brownies and creamy cupcakes. I must say on first glance I was very impressed with the preppy decor. The place is glistening with chandeliers and purple and gold-stripped walls.
The cakes on offer carefully line the wall-to-wall glass shelves of the bakery, the attentive staff is a pleasure to deal with and the prices are more than fair.
What got me sold was that they understood the customer and had something for everybody. The selection was big enough for you to make choices but not so large that it leaves you baffled. The highlight purchase I think are their mini cases which average between 40SAR -65SAR. It is perfect if you are entertaining or you’re just too indecisive to choose just
As for taste we found that the bottom cake part of the cupcake was delicious. Moist and rich without being too sweet, but the icing was overkill. For decor purposes the icing is cute, but for eating was too much and makes the mini treat sickly sweet. The BROWNIES however were to die for. Absolutely delicious offering four different kinds each one good in
it’s own way. The walnut brownie is something you dream of, really… like chocolaty,
rich, nutty and moist. Ahh… I need one now!!

* The mini packages (Les Canapés) come in selections of mini cupcakes, mini brownie squares and mini cheesecakes.They are beautifully cased in a transparent plastic case with the logo sleeve attached. I am a sucker for sweet things and pretty packaging.

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