Posted on January 26, 2015


Don’t be misled by the name as foolishly as I was, but this place has a lot to offer. My mind and stomach categorize “cafe” as pretty pastries and warm drinks, but that is not the case
here. CAFFE AROMA, which should really be labeled restaurant and cafe is place you don’t want to miss. After a friend kept hassling us to visit we headed down there to see what all the fuss was about.
 I am so glad we did the atmosphere is like you have been removed from Saudi Arabia and placed in a Spanish Tuscan oasis, the entryway heavily decorated in greenery leads you into a massive dining hall decorated in colorful tiles and clay pots.
The menu had so much to offer and everything we ordered came in a timely manner and was delicious. The waiter was pleasant and after finding our seats, scanning over the menu and ordering we waited for what was to arrive. The appetizers were fantastic; creamy tomato soup, aroma chill fries and chicken salad were terrific. The portions are large enough to easily share amongst three people. The main pasta dishes we opted for were served afterwards giving enough time for us to really enjoy and digest our appetizers. Just a side note; I absolutely hate when appetizers are served so close to the main so your to full to really enjoy either plates. And there’s nothing more annoying then having to play find a place on the table because there are so many dishes served at one time.
Anyhow after such pleasant and fulfilling meal, we of course had to try the dessert just so we could give a well-rounded review (we do it for the blog) and it was not regrettable at all. The tiramisu served in a desert cup was creamy and rich with just the right amount of coffee flavoring.While the date cake was the overall crowd pleaser; served warm with a side of vanilla ice cream.



I do suggest you visit Caffe Aroma while in Jeddah; such a nice family
dining scene and the food is fantastic.
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