Posted on December 24, 2014


Some things are meant to be tried once and others often. A place that will definitely be visited often and a place that has lived up to its hype has to be Butcher Shop & Grill. For not only food but I would come back just based on the service. Some may say that you pay for the service but that often is untrue here in the Kingdom. The wait staff was superb, attentive and very welcoming. They accommodated our needs, which includes a very picky eater to perfection.
Now lets talk food, the place is obviously known for meat. But opting for a chicken dish didn’t disappoint. Their famous chicken skewer served hot with drizzling garlic butter over a plate of potatoes was delicious. The chicken was cooked just right and the butter left for a moist bite every time.The potatoes below were just as delicious and were seasoned well. To be fair a meat dish was ordered and we opted for the pulled beef sandwich served with a side of onion rings and steak cut fries. The sandwich is very heavy on the toppings that included a buttered and mayo coating on the bread. It was quite heavy and hard to get down but if you are a fan of delectable gourmet sandwiches then this is definitely one to try.

Please let us know of places to try. We are always looking for the next best spot!

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