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So it would be the understatement of the year to say that Riyadh has enough burger joints in the city. I would completely nominate the city for “Burger City” of Saudi Arabia. You cannot pass by at least one main street without spotting a burger shop or two. With so many burger shops in town it can be very hard to stand out amongst the rest, and with each place offering their take on the classic burger it can get very boresome. So with my last visit to Riyadh it was only coming that I take my pick from the plenty and dine on burgers. After reading a very convincing review by the ladies over @thepinktarha, my choice came easy. So that is what lead us to the BURGERBOUTIQUE.

So, where to start? The Burger Boutique is nothing short of extraordinary when it comes to the decor. It is marvelously decorated and screams modern class. The birdcage architecture and dim lighting makes the restaurant a great “date night” place or place to dine with friends. The food was good; the appetizers were received very well. We had the Caesar salad with chicken and dynamite fries and both were absolutely delicious. Serving size was more than enough to have two people stuffed and of course the burgers… For us the burgers were okay. A bit heavy and the buns was quite thick so it was hard to really taste the meat.
I suggest you try to go early as we arrived later in the evening to a packed house. It cost us a 20-minute wait time to be seated and an astonishing 30-minute wait after the appetizers were served to get out burgers. Ohhhhhhh, the biggest let down is that the seating is so packed together that the place is extremely noisy (think Chuckee Cheese loud on a slow day). We left with booming migraines from the lovely chatterbox women seated nearby.

I think this place has great potential, if you visit on a good day/time it will be well worth it. Being opened recently the service needs to get better accustomed to rush crowds and adjust accordingly for faster service. Overall, I think it is a nice place.

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