Posted on February 21, 2015


So, clearly the burger craze has hit us hard here. For one reason or another we seem to be always making our way to some type of burger joint. The latest to welcome our burger cravings was BIG WIG Burger, conveniently located minutes away from my gym I decided to treat myself. That being said I don’t know if it was much of a treat.

The location is great but the actual restaurant is tiny with a shared dining space for families and singles (very awkward). The open kitchen resembles that of a fast food restaurant and the dim lighting doesn’t help. The walls are heavily decorated in American-South memorabilia and cowboy costumes and equipment.

The menu was straightforward, everything was to be expected. After ordering their staple mixer appetizer, chicken sandwich, beef burger and chicken salad we waited for our food to be served up under the glaring heat lamps.

The food was an overall disappointment. The appetizer tasted like frozen food that had been overly deep-fried. Everything in the sampler dish is fried (heart attack) which included mozzarella sticks, potato wedges, chips (like potato chips not fries) and wings. The salad was drowning in dressing (tangy burger sauce), it was hard to even taste the salad with so much toppings. The chicken sandwich was not bad in taste but nothing that would have you coming back for. I think the only saving grace to this burger place is their option of sampler burgers both beef and chicken that can be ordered individually or in a 4-piece meal.

Sadly this is not a place we would recommend and our search for Jeddah’s best burger continues.
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