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Nothing makes me happier than discovering a new Yemeni restaurant. For starters I have previously stated my bias towards Yemeni cuisine and I feel that it is the best when it comes to this region. That being said most Yemeni food lovers will proudly state that the best Yemeni dining here in Jeddah is either from a food stall or one of those very quick eat diners. You often don’t equate Yemeni food with fine dining but that is exactly what BAB AL YEMEN has to offer. A tasteful decor with an extensive menu of classic Yemeni dishes, sides, drinks and desserts this place is refreshing.

I highly recommend this place to anybody new to Yemeni cuisine it’s a great introduction, with a very thought out menu giving details of foods listed as well as a quirky briefing on the history of Yemen.Bonus to expats the menu comes in both English and Arabic, so no need to shy away from translation issues. 

After ordering a few dishes and desserts, we awaited eagerly. We were both very impressed by the quality, quantity and the price of the food. The service was superb and the waiter was (even thou not Yemeni) well trained in giving further info on any questions we had about the food. What surprised both of us in particular was a traditional Yemeni drink (juice) made of brewed red raisins and spices that is drank cold. Yummy! sambousa-yemen-babalyemen-restaurant- jeddah


meat-kebob-yemeni-resaurant- traditional




*Hint: Bab al Yemen (translates to door of Yemen) can be found in the
capital city Sana’a, Yemen. It is a landmark that today serves as the doorway
to the traditional souks of the city.

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