Posted on March 9, 2014



The latest breakfast place on my list to try restaurants was the popular fine dining spot APPETIT KITCHEN. Inspired by Paris, the minute you walk in you are quickly transported to the french chicness of a parisian cafe. The interiors small but gorgeously decorated give off the  “oh so cool” feel about the restaurant We decided to visit for a quick breakfast and to say we were surprised would be an understatement…

The restaurant prides itself on serving high quality food that fast delicious. Going in with empty stomachs the menu left much to desire offering only 1-page of  breakfast options. It was quickly decided for us that we would be having eggs and that’s about it. Having ordered an omelette each and hot beverages to go along with it. The allure of APPETIT KITCHEN was quickly fading.

The food was indeed tasty but nothing to rave about. Both omelettes were prepared as requested and were of a good size. The coffee and tea were served formally and allowed for us to fix our drinks as needed (milk, sugar, etc.).
I must admit I wasn’t won over, it definitely isn’t my best recommendation for breakfast especially if you are a big foodie. Also, I have heard that their lunch and dinner options are memorable so maybe I will have to make another visit to make my final verdict. Anyhow, let me know if you have been, what you thought and any other breakfast place you recommend.






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