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Breakfast is something that I can truly say I enjoy. If I have the time to eat it I will, or better yet go somewhere to get it. In Jeddah the staple breakfast place dating back years is the infamous American Corner. A traditional American family style diner this place serves breakfast all-day. Its menu consists of the typical American breakfast options of pancakes, eggs, hash browns, waffles, and coffee. It also has a variety of lunch and dinner options that have a long list of club sandwich assortments. As for my experience, this place had only one saving grace and it was the FOOD.

On first impression the outside looked similar to any type of diner you would find back home, however one small step through the family door entrance and you will quickly realize it is more like a truck-stop station diner. Dim and crowded the place is in bad need of renovation. The tables tightly lined down the middle of the room leaves no space for comfort and you feel like you’re eating at the other person’s table. The booths offer a little bit more space, but nothing to rejoice about. 
The waiters looked and acted like they rather be anywhere but there and the service mirrored their gloom attitudes perfectly. I understand working in such conditions could lead to unnecessary stress on wait staff and the never -ending crowds make for even more horrid conditions but decency goes a little further. On the service alone I would never go back.
It does have to be said that with everything mentioned working against them, their food does warrant a return visit. It looked exactly as it was presented in the pictured menu; it was tasty, cheap and fast. I had no complaints what so ever about the food it was prepared fresh and served in a timely manner. It was hot when it arrived at the table and was served with all the additional fix-ins
(jams, butter, syrup).




Location: 7255, Al Khalidiyah District, Jiddah 23421 3040, Saudi Arabia (google map exact)

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