Posted on February 17, 2015



Nothing is better on the weekend than brunch served with a side of sunshine. That is exactly what we had in mind when we visited Amara Terrace this past weekend. After hearing rave reviews of the hottest place to have breakfast in Jeddah it was only fair we give it a try. The place is located behind the Hilton Hotel Corniche and is found on the 2nd floor of the Bellavdre complex. The complex is home to 3 other restaurants but we were here for breakfast.

Once we arrived the bustling overcrowded dining hall was a clear indication that we were in for a treat. After being seated we quickly scanned the menu with one thing in mind “pancakes”. To our disappointment and due to the heavy customer load they stopped serving pancakes and waffles, I was torn. Half-heartling settling for a more nutritious granola bowl and my mate opting for the club sandwich we awaited our food. Not to mention all the tables we were seated to had ordered pancakes and waffles galore before the deadline, so we sat and starred.

The restaurant design is amazing and the floor to ceiling windows ensures that every customer in the dining hall gets their fair share of sunshine. It also is a nice view to daydream into, so it took the edge off not getting our pancakes (yes, we really wanted pancakes). Food arrived. We ate. We left. That is basically how the rest of the morning went, nothing special.

Let it be noted that the actual Terrace portion of the restaurant is one floor up and is designated to single males while the enclosed terrace is for families. To be just in this review (and to fill our void), we’ve decided to return to give the pancakes a try. A bit earlier next time around.









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