Posted on October 14, 2015

Check your exit/re-entry visa status on-line



Saudi Arabia is one of the only countries that is closed off entirely. What this means is that in order to get in or out of the country you need to be issued a visa. There are different types of visa’s and choosing the right one for you is just half the battle. 

In a country where “inshallah” is used more than oxygen, many of you know the feeling of uncertainty. Many Westerners including myself are used to deadlines, gaurantees and concrete set times. That is far from the norm here in Saudi Arabia, where nothing is set in stone. Everything is cushioned by the infamous word “inshallah” which means in god’s will.

When talking about travel plans, you can see why that may be troublesome. The uncertainity of getting issued a visa before your scheduled flight, or delaying planning trips to ensure they are issued….?

Loophole? Well, it doesn’t ensure you are issued a visa or not but it does let you check wether or not it has been issued. What is better is done from the comfort of your on-home and anybody can do it. So, brush off lying supervisors and hr staff and get certainty yourself.

This is how…


Go to this website: Click here 


Enter your preferred option of ID: iqaama number/ passport number or visa number


Second enter your birthdate: or any of the other options


** The nationality field can be left as is: does not interfere with the process

Click Submit: You should be able to view your exit/entry visa if it has been issued.


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