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BOGA SUPERFOODS is Jeddah’s answer to healthy eating. As well as mine to be truthfully honest, it’s been hard eating healthy post-baby and it only makes it harder when all you want is something to fill you up. I know all the gibberish that comes with healthy eating, macros, vegan, plant-based blah blah. Basically everyone has a take on what is healthy, I’ll settle with simple fresh food that hasn’t been overly processed. That is exactly what BOGA offers, and with the looks of it people are enjoying it. There is always a line out the door when we come (which is often) and the food always seems to satisfy. 

Don’t get me wrong, one glance of the menu and the bad bits will jump off the page. I don’t know how healthy the steak and cheese sandwich is but then again you don’t have to order it. This is strictly a soup, salad, sandwich kind of place. There are a selection of healthy bowls with that quinoa stuff in it (clearly not a fan) and a selection of fresh fruit juices. I’m not saying this is the healthiest place in town but it is definitely the most refreshing.

The merry berry salad is absolutely mouth water and their classic chicken sandwich is so darn tasty.  As a nice treat to customers you will find a popcorn machine inside for free snacking while you wait for your order. Basically if you enjoy your occasional SUBWAY meal from time to time then this is a place you may want to check out.

A little tip, the take away plates are much larger than the dine-in plates so you get more bang for your buck ordering take-away. boga-jeddah-healthy-menu boga-jeddah-healthy-menu boga-jeddah-healthy-menu boga-jeddah-healthy-menuboga-jeddah-healthy-menu boga-jeddah-healthy-menu boga-jeddah-healthy-menu IMG_8490 boga-jeddah-healthy-menu boga-jeddah-healthy-menuboga-jeddah-healthy-menu





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