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Hair Treatment -Ultimate “Saudi”

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My favourite thing since starting the blog has been the information shared to me by the readers. I can’t sum up how valuable the comments and emails have been to making both the site a success and my life so much more interesting. One of the most helpful emails I got was from a Saudi reader who wanted to share the “secret” to beautiful, strong and long hair.
I was absolutely delighted when I read the email. For starters I couldn’t believe how precise  yet so practical the plan was. I kind of wanted to kick myself when I realized that all the products that I have been trying have nothing to do to with their hair plan. I love the ingredients all natural products that can be easily found at your supermarket. I did a bit of research to let you know how each ingredient helps your hair. I’m currently testing the plan out and so far so good…


Step 1- Hair Trim

According to this plan you should have your hair ends trimmed every 2 months. The trim should be at least 2cm of hair from the ends.

Step 2- Hair Oil

Oil your hair twice a week. Mix equal parts honey and olive oil  and apply to entire head. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Wash and condition as per usual.
Olive Oil



Step 3- Hair Mask 

Mix 1 cup* of coconut oil and 1 cup* of rosemary (powder) to yogurt. Mix well and apply to hair. Cover hair with plastic shower cap. Leave on for at least 2 hours. Wash and condition with FASH COOL (garlic/ cactus ).
Coconut Oil
Rosemary (grounded to a powder)
Shower cap

cup*: size was described as the size of a traditional saudi finjal (see pic), it’s a little less than standard cup size.



ROSEMARY: Applied topically it’s used to treat and prevent baldness. It increases blood circulation in the scalp.
Coconut Oil: Provides nutrients to the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth. Strengthens thin hair, preventing breakage and falling.
Yogurt: Provides protein and nourishment to hair. Stimulates blood circulation helping promote hair growth.
Olive Oil: The ultimate hair moisturizer and nourishes dry, dull hair. Oil keeps hair shiny and healthy.
Honey: Natural hair moisturizer and nourishment. Promotes healthy scalp care and follicles for hair growth. Keeps hair very shiny and healthy-looking.
Give it a try!

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