Posted on May 25, 2014

Saudi Arabia’s Secret Beauty Bits #7 (HENNA)


Hair thinning has been my biggest problem since arriving in Saudi Arabia and it has only gotten worse. Everyone says it’s the water (too harsh) and I need to avoid it, but in the desert how long could you possibly go without washing you hair?

So instead of going my lifetime without washing my hair I’ve gone with combatting hair loss. My mother recommend I use henna and I sighed at the thought, remembering how much I hated doing it in when I was younger. Thinking my mom was punishing us by putting smelly mud (sh*t) in our hair and telling us to sit in the backyard so that the sun could help dry it up. Only to have to wash it out for like hours (an hour) to get all the little sticks out and more importantly the dreaded smell.
Childhood horrors aside, I put mom’s recommendation to the test and asked for a kilo of henna. My mate bought me a bag and told me it was the good, kind. Having no idea what that meant, after using it I realized immediately. The good kind means that it is sifted thoroughly so no pesky sticks but rather a very fine powder. Also, after one try my hair had turned a shade burgundy in the sunlight (no complaints)


The benefits of henna are that it strengthens the hair follicles so it avoids breakage and falling. It best used mixing henna powder with olive oil instead of water to keep your hair from drying out. People have been known to add eggs, and different oils to the henna mix to boost its effectiveness.
 It is cheap and readily available across Saudi Arabia at your local ATTARAH.
How to Use:
Mix 2 parts henna to 1 part water/oil
Mix together until it becomes a paste, add more water if too dry or more henna if too wet
Apply all over hair and let sit for 1-2 hours (until starts to dry)


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