Posted on December 18, 2013


So here goes my third pick for Saudi Arabian Beauty Bits (Pick1&Pick2), KOHL. What are more sexy then sultry eyes? I must say that even thou most women in Saudi Arabia have only their eyes visible, they have mastered the seduction through eyes. Literally these women have it going on! I know you can find hundreds of eyeliners and shadows on the market that claim to give the blackest eyes BUT I think Saudi has hit the motherboard when it comes to eyeliner.

KOHL, used by many Arabian women is a natural crushed stone (sulphide) and a combination of various natural ingredients. You can get them in shades of black, grey and green depending on the stones used. It is an ancient cosmetic practice dating back centuries. The appeal for me was the darkness of the KOHL (extremely black) and it longevity (it lasts.). Also, the price is ABSURD. It is so cheap, because of it popular use and religious significance in the region it is widely available and reasonably priced. There is an entire market devoted to the practice, so you can basically get everything from the cheapest smallest quantities to the most expensive.


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