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I was so excited when I found this product on the shelves of the ATTARAH on my latest visit to MEDINA. I couldn’t believe that it was there, I literally yelped in excitement to both my mates and shopkeepers surprise. Green Lipstick also referred to commonly as Magic Lipstick is probably my favourite beauty find in Saudi Arabia. The product is not Saudi- made and is in fact a Taiwanese product dating back decades. The reason why this product is know to be magically is because when applied to lips it rubs on clear and turns lips shades of red. Depending on the person’s natural lip shade and PH the shade of red will differ. For instance on me it applies a deep pinkish-red colour where someone with lighter lips will have a more light pink coverage.

The other thing is that this lipstick would be better called a stain. It lasts 8-12 hours without fading and there is no smudging at all. You do have to be careful how you apply the lipstick as it is semi-permanent is hard to remove. If you are someone like me who likes to apply his or her make-up once and forget it then this is the perfect addition to your make-up collection.
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