Posted on May 13, 2014

Manna Centre Beauty Salon

I’m sure many of the women readers would like suggestions about beauty salons to visit while in Saudi Arabia. So I’ve decided to start reviewing and recommending places that I visit on the regular. One of those places is the Manna Centre in Jeddah, or should I say WAS
the Manna Centre. A quick review search on Google will have this rated amongst the best and oldest beauty establishments in Jeddah. With a long reputable history and devoted customer base, the Manna Centre has been a local favorite for years.
I however had only previously visited the Manna Centre for facial services (facials, waxing etc.), having gone several times I would have recommended this place to anybody until recently…

Once entering the Manna Centre you will quickly notice how popular the place is by the bustling crowd of women in all corners.The place is nicely decorated and spacious but that is lost with the chaotic crowd inside. It never bothered me before because at any given visit I had only the one service and left, which tended to be moderately prompt.
This past weekend I decided to give their other services a try (rather than going to different salons for specific services), I opted to have my facial wax and my hair washed and blow dry. By far the biggest mistake I’ve made in a long time.
Long story short, it was borderline nightmare. I quickly realized that the once assumed popular crowd was rather a chaotic mess of women all fighting to get serviced first. The worst part about it was it seemed that the rudest, loudest most obnoxious women seemed to know how to get
serviced first leaving us lesser (polite) people left to wait.
After being directed back and forth between the two floors (each one telling me to get the other service first) I was finally dealt with. My hair was washed and conditioned (massaging chairs were the only perk) and then off to blow dry by a woman who would rather be anywhere but there.Rather than putting in the work off getting my curly hair straight she opted to spray hairspray onto my just washed hair, leaving it sticky and in need of another wash.
The facial services for the first time was a
complete and total flop. I sat waiting idle while the employees nonchalantly
conversed about their boyfriend problem for 45mins. After completely losing my
cool and ready to leave they decided I was worthy enough to be serviced and
decided to do what I came and paid to get done.
To top everything off the beauty specialist dealing with my face decided not to properly wash her hand that smelled of herbs (properly used on another customer) and instead of asking what I wanted rubbed onto my face after the wax decided to apply a lotion that caused an immediate
burning sensation, hives and after a dermatologist examination an allergic reaction all down the side of my neck and lower face.
I must say for those customers who are regulars and/or loud and aggressive this place may be suited for you but for us (many expats) who tend not to yell and make dramatic scenes in public I suggest going elsewhere.
For me the Manna Centre is good for some but definitely not for all.



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