Posted on November 29, 2014


The hardest thing to find for women is the perfect beautician. May it be the lady who does brows, the best colorist, and hair cutter or nail aesthetician? The hardest part of leaving home has to be going through the ordeal of misshaped eyebrows, crazy haircuts, and disastrous color jobs. That’s probably why my most asked question on the blog often has to do with some type of recommendation to a beauty salon.
To be honest I am a stickler to keeping things the same. I’ve been getting my hair blow-dried at the same place in Jeddah for 3 years and without fail it never disappoints. It goes for Turkish baths, pedicures, manicures, and especially eyebrows.

That was until I realized how I was limiting myself to bigger and better. After my horror story facial, I decided to change it up a bit, asking anybody I could for places they recommend.

Lo and behold, Lina’s (coincidentally rhymes with my name), the place is immaculate. It is definitely a place where you want to spoil yourself. The interiors are over the top glamour, the ladies working were kind and very attentive and the service (eyebrows/face wax) was hands down the best,

I’ve attached a few pics and a price list of what to expect and it is a few riyals pricier than your average salon but it is well worth it.

Keep in mind that prices are listed in SAR!
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