Posted on March 21, 2014

Chanel Hair Perfume


Coco Mademoiselle is one of my all-time favourite perfumes. It just works for me and I have been faithful to it for a while. The latest trend in the perfume world is “hair perfume” basically perfume for your hair. Chanel has jumped on the trend releasing almost all of their top perfumes in “hair perfume” version. At first, I thought this was so stupid, why don’t I just spray my regular perfume in my hair (which I’ve always done) but after using it I think I kinda like it.

For starters when sprayed on anything other than your hair it smells very fain almost like nothing, however in your hair the smell is strong enough to linger all day. Also, I have been recently going gaga-crazy over my hair (so fragile) and have read on repeated sources that the use of perfume on your hair is really damaging (alcohol concentration to high for hair = extreme dryness and breaking). However, the hair perfume from what I have read has taken this into account and is completely safe for use on any type of hair and won’t dry it out.
Anyhow, I like it. I wish I had gotten the Chanel Chance version as well cause I think that scent is a little stronger so it lasts longer.
Purchased at Sephora (Riyadh)- Available at all Sephora locations in the Middle East. Price may vary but I think it is around 300SAR.



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