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Finally a cafe I can swoon over, here in Jeddah. This place is a real life Instagram pic. So beautiful and carefully laid out, a place where you can relax and enjoy your self. I’ve seen this cafe a couple of weeks ago and just through the windows I was adamant to check it-out. Yet, my luck was that it had yet to open. Luckily a few days ago, while in the area  I decided to check again and happily found it open for service.

Note to all cafes in Jeddah, please hire BAFARAT interior designers. I can’t tell you how much I fell in love with the place. The seating was beautiful and more importantly comfortable. A place that took advantage of the endless sunshine Jeddah has to offer with floor to ceiling windows. Just sitting back enjoying a cup of coffee in beautiful surroundings. If you have no care for interiors, trust me their coffee is pretty darn good as well.

The cafe is a new concept, for the BAFARAT group famously known in Saudi Arabia for selling coffee, teas and herbs. The company origins going back to 1952, when Saudi Arabia was literally a “sandbox”. With good quality coffee, the brand decided to take their shop one step further and invite customers to enjoy their coffee, prepared and served by professionals.

With a few friends, we ordered a good selection of what was to offer. The prices are decent and well worth the product. The hazelnut latte was delicious, as was the hot chocolate. The Saudi coffee was prepared perfectly as was their cold drinks. It must be said that their desserts need some help. Not bad but nothing memorable. The drinks were far better than the sweets.

Be prepared to wait, as they are still grasping the concept of service and it takes a while to get your order. But like all “soft openings” it will get better with time. This place is perfect to catch up with friends, enjoy the company of yourself and a good book, have a coffee meeting and/or just pick a cup on the go. Can’t recommend it enough.bafarat-cafe-jeddah-saudi-arabia






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  • Mariam March 24, 2016 at 7:53 am

    Looks like a nice place. Would definitely give it a try

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