Posted on March 24, 2017

Ahwak- A Lebanese Experience


IMG_8844Ahwak, basically means love you in Lebanese arabic. Or that is what I have been told. Anyhow, it’s the name of the Lebanese restaurant found here in Jeddah. After being recommended to it by a few friends we finally went to check it out. To be honest I am not the biggest fan of Lebanese food, there is nothing wrong with it but I find that it is pretty standard. Basically salads, mixed salads and a selection of hummus type dips. The restaurant was surprisingly good. 

The place is one of the chain restaurants located at the Ascot Centre, which also houses previously reviewed restaurants.  The interiors new and stunning with high ceilings, wall murals and an open kitchen. With family seating both on the lower and upper level of the restaurant. Like mentioned the food was just a selection of salads, dips and mixed grill. But I have to say the salads were really good. Admitting we had no idea what we were eating half the time, nonetheless it was good. The mixed grill was okay, but the baby chicken was delicious. The classics like hummus, tabouleha, Baba ganoush were all very good as was the shawarama platter. The stuffed meat pie/sandwich type thing was very filling as was the spicy potatoes. The Lebanese pizza was not to our liking it was more like a meat pie than a pizza.

We were celebrating a birthday in the group and the staff were kind enough to serve a complimentary selection of sweets for the occasion. Um a type of bread pudding which I think is the Lebanese version of Um Ali (Arabic sweet), muhalabia and kunafa. I personally dislike the taste of rosewater so many of the sweets were not to my liking. However the desserts were a big hit with the others. The staff was so kind and even played a birthday tune for our friend. Customer service for the win.
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