Posted on October 25, 2015




If you don’t know the name Manoj Bhargava you probably heard of 5-hour energy drink. Yup that tiny bottle of energy you find close to the checkout and basically the answer to running on empty. Well, Mr. Bhargava is the founder, he invented the drink that has made him billions. So much money that he has made his way to the Forbes List and continues to rank as one of the richest people in the world. But this is not a post to tell you how an idea can make you million but rather how an idea can change millions.

Hard to believe but Manoj Bhargava ha s given 99% of his wealth (yup, that’s billions) to change lives of millions around the world. Setting up the most innovative centre right beside his 5-hour energy drink offices. The centre was built and is solely funded by Mr. Manoj’s wealth so that the smartest most innovative minds could come together and create technologies that would aid the millions around the world who are less fortunate.

How did I come across all this inspiring news, for the first-time ever I didn’t press the SKIP button on the latest YouTube video ads. That’s when I came across this video giving you a glimpse of how really one man is changing the world.

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