Posted on January 10, 2016

Books that will help jump start 2016



Despite never setting any real New Year’s resolution doesn’t mean that 2016 hasn’t already arrived. To help you take the New Year in strides and hopefully have you excited to jump into the New Year I have a listed feel good books that will have you counting to the new you with every turnt page…

Year of no Sugar: Like the title suggest this is for many of us that have lost all focus and have fallen into a mountain of pies only to remember our ambitious goals of losing weight. Read about one family mission to get healthy by eliminating all sugar… and learn a few things on the way to healthier year.

A Year of Yes: It isn’t hard to say Yes when you are the mastermind behind television’s most popular shows but Shonda Rhimes teaches all of us a lesson in humanity. The clever, hilarious memoir of how a woman took on a new life by simply saying yes.

WILDFLOWER: If you need a big dose in optimism then you need to read this book. Drew Barrymore may not be the most talented writer but she surely is the happiest. Read about mishaps, adventures and luck that fell upon a happy girl.

The Opposite of Loneliness: A collection of essays with so much promise and talent you can’t seem to come to grips with the fact that some people have everything and others don’t. But the harsh reality is that no matter what type of person you are death is inevitable and it is a commonality amongst us all. It’s a bright reminder to all of us on why we should be thankful for every waking minute because it can all end just so quickly.

Why Not Me? : The hilarious Mindy Kaling has done it again, this time she has enlightened the readers of the hardship she still faces regardless of being rich and famous. With the New Year coming around this is a great read, comical yet insightful and inspiring. Spotlighting the minorities out there to dream big, achieve and then look back and laugh.

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